Private Music Lessons

The MAC offers Private Music Lessons every day after school

Below is some general information about our Private Music Lessons during the 2019 - 2020 school year. More details can be found on our Parent Info Page.

Ready to enroll? Visit our Private Music Lesson Enrollment Page.



The MAC offers weekly private music lessons during the 2019 - 2020 school year from Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - June 5th, 2020.  Lessons are offered every afternoon and evening, from 3 - 8 pm.

Lesson Length & Cost

You can choose between a 30-minute weekly lesson ($60/month for 4 lessons), or a 1-hour weekly lesson ($90/month for 4 lessons). Families will be billed each month for that month's lesson.

Age Range

Lessons are open to all Pre-K and K - 12 youth of all experience levels. If you are interested in taking lessons, we would love to help you! *A parent/guardian is required to sit in during all lessons with Pre-K youth.


The MAC offers private lessons on: Piano, Guitar, Drum Set, Marimba, and Marching Percussion Instruments.

Lesson Materials

Youth may be asked to purchase their own copy of the music book they will be working out of. Your instructor will give you the details of any book / other materials you may need to purchase.

How to Enroll

You can enroll in 2019 - 2020 School Year Private Music Lessons online here. Spots will be given on a first come, first served basis. All available time slots are listed on the enrollment page.

Pending lesson/staff availability, youth may enroll in a lesson at any time - youth do not need to start the first week of school or at the beginning of a month.

Cancellation Policy

If you enroll in a lesson and cannot make it to a certain week's lesson (due to an unforeseen schedule conflict, illness, vacation, etc.), we ask that you notify your instructor as early as possible. If you give your instructor more than 8 hours notice, they will work with you to schedule a make-up lesson. If you do not show up for your lesson or do not notify your instructor of your absence more than 8 hours before your lesson time, you will be charged for the lesson.

Make-up Policy

If the MAC cancels music lessons for any reason (an instructor being sick, Snow Day, etc.) the MAC will work hard to schedule a make-up lesson. If the MAC is unable to schedule a make-up for you, you will be offered a refund for that missed lesson.

Withdrawing from a Lesson

Parents may cancel enrollment and withdraw from a lesson at any time. No refund will be given for any upcoming lessons that have been paid for. Parents may withdraw from a lesson online here.

No School Days

The Music & Arts Center treats any school district No School Days like any other regular day. Lessons will still take place at their scheduled times on these days.

Private Lessons during school breaks

If your instructor is available, you may continue to attend your private music lesson during school breaks (Winter Break, Spring Break) and during Extended Care Service-only days at the MAC. This is completely up to you. If you would like to continue lessons during these weeks, you may communicate with your instructor about those options. The MAC also runs private music lessons throughout the summer. Due to our change in programmatic structure during the summer, youth interested in continuing Private Music Lessons during the summer will need to re-enroll.

Parents Attending Private Lessons

Due to minimal staff in the building during the evenings, a parent or guardian is required to sit-in on all private lessons that start at 6:30 pm or later. Parents may certainly sit-in on private lessons that take place earlier in the day, but it is not required. We ask that parents or guardians who sit-in on lessons remain a spectator and allow the instructor to work with your child.

Performance Showcases / Community Events

The MAC will host Performance Showcases in December 2019 and June 2020. These events are an opportunity for youth to show off what they've been working on throughout the school year. Your lesson instructor will reach out to you several weeks before each Showcase to let you know if your youth is ready to perform. *Our instructors work hard to ensure that most, if not all, youth are prepared to perform something at each Showcase.


I am already enrolled in private music lessons during the summer. Do I need to re-enroll for the school year? Yes. Our program structure and lesson availability changes during the school year, so we ask that you re-enroll using the Private Music Lesson Enrollment Form.

Can I continue taking private music lessons after the school year? Yes! However, you will need to re-enroll using our 2020 summer enrollment form which will be available mid-April.

What if I want to switch instruments after a couple weeks? You can certainly try a new instrument at any time. However, we strongly recommend you try out an instrument for at least a month before exploring something else out. If you change instruments, we may also need to adjust the lesson day/time if we need to switch instructors.

Do I need to provide my own instrument? You certainly can, but it is not necessary. The MAC has several guitars, drum sets, pianos, and other instruments available to use for all youth enrolled in lessons.

Have another question? Call the MAC: (509) 582-4090 or email: