Interested in the arts?

The Music & Arts Center is committed to providing high quality educational experiences for all youth across the Tri-Cities community who are interested in the arts.

We encourage all youth to discover, pursue, and grow their creative skills as they participate in any of our classes that take place during the school year.

Through classes focusing on the arts, instructors at the MAC also teach youth life skills, including teamwork, dedication, perseverance, integrity, responsibility, and more.


Who do we serve?

The Music & Arts Center serves all youth interested in learning about music, art, dance, or technology.

  • Our after-school, small group classes are designed for K – 12 youth (classes are separated by grade level)
  • We also offer 1-on-1 private music lessons each afternoon and evening for K – 12 youth (no musical experience necessary)
  • Youth do not need to be a member of a certain school district or live in Kennewick. All youth are welcome to join our programs
  • Youth do not need experience in the classes they would like to take. We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes

Yoga Class

How do I Register?

  • 1. Choose your class

    Check out our Class Schedule for the 2019 – 2020 school year, and pick the class or classes you would like to attend. There is no limit to the number of classes or lessons you may sign up for.

  • 2. complete membership registration

    Complete our Membership Registration Form to make sure we are fully prepared to effectively educate your child and keep them safe.

  • 3. Review Parent Handbook

    Review and download our Parent Handbook for the school year. This handbook goes over how our programs work and our policies in more detail. After completing the online Membership Registration Form, you’ll be asked to acknowledge receipt of the handbook and confirm your understanding of all the MAC’s policies.