Virtual Music Lessons

The MAC is proud to offer Virtual Private Music Lessons

Below is some general information about how our Virtual Music Lessons work.

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Virtual Private Music Lessons are currently offered in the evenings Monday - Thursday. Virtual lessons will run for the foreseeable future, with in-person lessons being a possibility later in the year. You can see a list of available weekly times on our Enrollment Page. Pending lesson availability, youth may begin taking lessons at any time (you do not need to start at the beginning of a month).

Lesson Length

All virtual weekly lessons are 45-minutes long.


Your first lesson is FREE, with no committment necessary. This is a new way of offering lessons and we want to make sure it's a good fit for you before we charge anything. After your first lesson, the cost is $60/month for 4 lessons ($15/lesson). Families will be billed electronically each month in advance for that month's lessons. *Scholarships are available. Please let us know if you need financial assistance.

Age Range

Lessons are open to all K - 12 youth of all experience levels.


The MAC offers private lessons on: Piano, Drum Set, Guitar, and Marching Percussion Instruments.

Since lessons will be virtual, youth will need their own instruments. However, some lesson modifications may be made if you don't have an instrument. For example, if you want to learn how to play drums, but you don't have a drum set, we can still be productive during lessons if you have a drum pad and sticks.

The Music & Arts Center also has several electronic keyboards (pianos) we can rent out to youth (no additional charge) on a first come first served basis.

Overall, if you have a desire to learn music, we will work hard to put together a lesson plan that accomodates you and your situation.

Lesson Materials

Youth may be asked to purchase their own copy of the music book they will be working out of. Your instructor will give you the details of any book and any other materials you may need to purchase. Instructors may also email parents sheet music/warm-ups/music worksheets that may need to be printed or viewed electronically during a lesson.

Virtual Lesson Setup

Virtual lessons will be held through Zoom. Instructors will run their lessons from the studio at the MAC and youth will be able to get a high-quality virtual education experience through the MAC's mutli-cam studio setup and professional microphones. Youth will be able to see music instruction from different camera angles so you can get the best virtual education possible.

Youth can use a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera to connect during the lesson. Lessons will be extremely interactive, so youth should be able to clearly see the screen and hear the audio from the call (headphones also work great).

Parents can absolutely observe the lesson and/or sit in on the lesson and assist with any technical pieces as needed.

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a virtual lesson for any reason, please notify your instructor at least 24 hours before your lesson is scheduled to begin. We can work together to schedule a make-up lesson.

Instructor Absence

If your instructor cancels a virtual lesson for any reason (sickness, vacation, etc.) we will schedule a make-up lesson or we will refund you for that lesson (your choice).

Withdrawing from a Lesson

Parents may cancel enrollment and withdraw from a virtual lesson at any time. No refund will be given for any upcoming lessons that have been paid for. If you wish to withdraw from a lesson, please let your instructor know.

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